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Allen W. McLean is a self-published author of metaphysical speculative fiction, of scifaiku sci-fi haiku poetry and of book reviews. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Ontario, Canada.

April Salisbury-White produces psychedelic music as "Electric Armchair"; at her behest, Allen began sharing poetry on his book reviews and works in progress as “HaikuPrajna” with Alchemic Wisdom & Bite-sized Insights, which have been collected both online and in print; together they form The A² Production Team.

Allen W. McLean's books focus on transcending hindrances with ideas from neoplatonism, metaphysics and theology alongside practices like mindfulness meditation.

He outlined his first novel in 2017 when he was nineteen, which he published in 2021 after first releasing much earlier short stories in 2019; today, he and April can be found drinking coffee around the GTA when they are otherwise unoccupied by their writing and by napping with their cat.


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Allen W. McLean

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Self-published author. Ontario, Canada. Metaphysical fiction. Scifaiku sci-fi haiku poetry. Book reviews. Alchemic Wisdom - Bite-sized Insights