20230828 — BATTLE Colosseum: https://www.patreon.com/posts/battle-colosseum-88361929

20230828 — BATTLE Colosseum — Art Works, Book Merch and Clay Quirks

Allen W. McLean
2 min readAug 31


Welcome to APRILandALLEN’s Art Works, Book Merch and Clay Quirks, a Patron exclusive archive of the content we put into our projects, which includes extras such as commentary on rough first drafts that are otherwise unavailable to the public!

This series will be collected in a future APRILandALLEN’s book, and is part of our upcoming APRILandALLEN’s Project Roadmap, which you can learn more about here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/aprilandallens-88303439

BATTLE Colosseum is the latest chapter in the “FLUKE!” series, which is being formed around chapters that can be read as independent standalone short stories — the original plan when I first started was to create a secret interconnected world between my releases, but the more time I spend in this world and the more fleshed out its history becomes, the more I want to just reveal the entire project list, but I appreciate the slow roll out and this unification of narrative I have found myself undertaking.

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20230828 — BATTLE Colosseum: https://www.patreon.com/posts/battle-colosseum-88361929 [Patron exclusive]



Archived images above are exclusive to Patrons, and include haiku, covers, sticker designs, photos documenting the process of forming a polymer clay figurine charm of Nina, and photos of the paperback. Thank you for reading, Until next time! Allen W. McLean

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