20230110 — Constant Motion [ Falgara the Giant — Official Release Trailer ]

Allen W. McLean
4 min readJan 11

Struggle to resist // the necessary pressure; // consistent effort.

#HAIKUPRAJNA — Constant Motion

Hello readers,

“Falgara the Giant” will release January 30th 2023 and is available to order on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!



“ The Overseer led the Forest’s Terraforms along the edge of a chasm to visit Falgara the Giant, at the absolute bottom of a great river, on its birthday.

Arriving at the garden on top of a waterfall, the other Terraforms had to promise to avoid falling into Falgara’s stream, as the smaller Terraforms would be unable to swim free from the current’s inevitable flow. The Overseer resisted, but found themself unable to, and they fell into Falgara.

Inside the barrelling pressure of the mirrored waterfall’s mist, the Overseer had to ascend in a constant…

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